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Meet Jamie Janett 

Artist & Creator of Paint On Your Face - Party services in LA


Artist Jamie Janett Graden provides a collection of the best party services in LA and surrounding regions, staffed by a friendly team of professional artists. 

Read this Q&A below to get to know Jamie.


Q: How did you get started as a face painter?

A: Jamie began facepainting in Anaheim at the Disneyland Resort in 2004. After she started booking private parties as a facepainter, she launched her own face painting company.  Since then, Jamie has cultivated a unique team of highly-skilled artists and entertainers in Los Angeles and California, including the best face painters for parties, who you can book here.


Q: Do you offer body painting as well as facepainting?

A: Yes! Jamie’s craft eventually expanded beyond facepainting to fine-art full body paintings. Jamie has bodypainted at numerous art  and fashion shows, as well as bodypainting for film and photo shoots. Jamie has traveled internationally to music festivals for face and body painting.


Q: Where have you traveled as a facepainter / bodypainter?

A: In the summer of 2011, Jamie traveled to Kyrgyzstan, where she volunteered facepainting hundreds of students in rural areas and organized the project "Painting Kyrgyzstan," in collaboration with the Peace Corps. Jamie facepainted local children in Piste Pueblo, Chichen Itza, Mexico in 2012, along with festival attendees. Jamie also participated in the Envision Festival in Costa Rica as the official children's face-painter. She has also painted at the Burning Man festival, for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers in Sun Valley, Idaho, and in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Q:Have you taught art?

A: Jamie loves teaching and sharing art! Before launching her facepainting and body art career, Jamie worked as a children's art instructor at a fine art studio called KidsArt. While studying illustration at Cal State Fullerton, she began facepainting at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, which changed her life and career forever. 


Q: How long have you been an artist? 

A: Jamie knew she wanted to be an artist at age 4, and as a little girl, she also dreamed of business a business owner. She has pursued art throughout her entire life and often seeks new and unique opportunities to express herself and her artistic visions.

Q: Do you create and make anything else as an artist?

A: In addition to facepainting, Jamie creates handmade leggings, actively creates as a fine artist and designer, as seen on her Instagram. In 2017, she launched a cosmetic glitter line, DiscoEyes, now available in various boutiques, and on Etsy. She consistently expands her art business and always has a new amazing project on tap. Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated.


Q: Why do you recommend including artistic party services at events? 

A: To give your guests awesome memories and also to help them enjoy the party. We repeatedly observe people opening up and having an easier time connecting with each other after spending time engaging with an artist. People enjoy events more after being face painted and posing in the photo booth, or engaging with the emcee and dancing, or getting a balloon creature or a henna tattoo. If you want to stir up your guests’ happy-meters beyond expectation, book Paint On Your Face to entertain at your next event!


Q: So are you saying that having a face painter can benefit parties and events?

A: Yes, absolutely! We’ve noticed that facepainting has a visible impact at parties. Our facepainters create real art for people, which often truly surprises them, and we see a shift in the recipient from thinking “this is silly” to “WOW, this is a gift!”  Many party planners have witnessed the benefits of adding facepainting to their events—it’s a natural gateway to opening people up so they really enjoy themselves. We love this effect and love our jobs!


Q: What makes Paint On Your Face different than other companies?

A: We make party entertainment fast, easy and fun. By combining the best face painters in LA with other popular party services, we’ve made it super easy to perk up your party! We specialize in event entertainment, and our entire team is staffed with professional, reliable, and fabulous minglers who earn rave reviews! 


Q: What are all the party services you offer?

A: We offer face painting and balloon twisting in Los Angeles, as well as: henna, airbrush tattoos, body art & glitter, music and emcee/DJ services, plus live art painting and art parties. Jamie also offers children’s art classes, commercial art services, mural painting and more


Q: Why should we hire you for entertainment?

A: Not every business owner has the inkling at age four of her future, but Jamie did. Jamie is a skilled artist and an adept business manager who picks the perfect artists and entertainers for your event, while providing an easy booking process. If you’re looking for a stress-free booking experience from start to finish, plus a high-energy party team, you’re in the right place. Hire entertainment in LA


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Thanks for reading our Artist Q&A. If you’d like to give guests at your next party the gift of face painting by amazing artists, click here to book now. Or if you’re still unsure, check out our face painting reviews.


Combine face painting with the photo booth or DJ entertainment, or any other service to double or triple the fun and receive the best pricing! No matter the size or theme of your event - we’ve got the perfect creative team for you.

Make incredible memories for your guests—hire us today!

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