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I was hired by Celltice cosmetics to paint my interpretation of a nature goddess.

mother nature goddess bodypainting

The event was held at the Long Beach Convention Center, and had suppliers from all over the country. They had the model, Marissa Zumbo, and I meet at 8am in her hotel room, to complete the artwork.

I used water based face and body makeup, glitter, and powders to create this look. My assistant stenciled on some leaf and branch accents as well.

jamie janett bodypainter paint on your face los angeles
Painting our the model in the hotel before the trade show. My assistant Nina uses an airbrush to stencil leaves & branches, and I'm painting the details with a brush

The plan I made to beforehand to help speed up the process. The whole design took a total of just 2 hours.

A reference sheet for the bodypainted design. It shows step by step the layers of the design from start to finish.

Check out more of my work at serving the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County areas. Call or text (213)280-7196 to book.

Thanks for reading!

Jamie Janett

Owner & Lead Artist

Paint On Your Face

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  • Writer's pictureJamie Graden

Halloween is in 3 weeks, and Day of the Dead is November 1st and 2nd!

I know not everyone is able to hire a facepainter for their costume, so I'll be sharing facepainting videos, photos, and tricks, so you can create looks for yourself and your kids at home.

Let's start off with some Day of the Dead, a.k.a Dia De Los Muertos design ideas!

These are some of the key features of a Sugar Skull makeup, the common name for the traditional Dia De Los Muertos makeup...

-white base, no base...get experimental with a colored base

-forehead centerpiece such as a rose, heart, web, or flower

-hollowed out eyes and nose of a skull

-dot embellishments around the eyes

-lips painted with skeleton teeth, stitches, and/or just lipstick!

Skull timelapse! Use a "kabuki brush" for fast full coverage, then finish the rest with sponges and brushes. Fun idea: jewels and gems to accent around the eyes!

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  • Writer's pictureJamie Graden

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We're thrilled to introduce R.J, our newest member of the Paint On Your Face team!

R.J is a Long Island native, who moved to Los Angeles last year and is rocking birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and so much more.

He specializes in leading dance contests, games, and giveaways, catering to each event in a special way that keeps guests involved and entertained. His mobile DJ setup including speakers and DJ booth frame for a clean look, plus colorful lighting if at night. R.J is interactive, making announcements and talking with participants throughout the party. For guests who prefer just music, his song selection skills go perfectly with the vibe of the party. Got special requests? That works too! He can work with any theme.

Above: R.J. and his DJ Services setup at a company party

We've found that adding music REALLY brings an event up a notch, making guests more relaxed and ready to have fun. You can request music if you like, and R.J can cater to your style! Or if you're busy, just let us handle it and we'll create the party vibe for you.

Our DJ services and games pair wonderfully with backyard parties, kids party venue, block party, wedding, retirement party, or corporate event.

Need more than just background music or tunes for the dancefloor? R.J. will go the extra mile.

R.J will make announcements, play games with guests, or do contests. It's all included in the package. See the rates here

Above: Chalk drawing contest at a company party is a fun idea for guests

Pair with the Bright People Photobooth, and Facepainting for added fun!

Check out more about R.J and his Djing on our website here

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