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Bodypainting "Mother Nature"

I was hired by Celltice cosmetics to paint my interpretation of a nature goddess.

mother nature goddess bodypainting

The event was held at the Long Beach Convention Center, and had suppliers from all over the country. They had the model, Marissa Zumbo, and I meet at 8am in her hotel room, to complete the artwork.

I used water based face and body makeup, glitter, and powders to create this look. My assistant stenciled on some leaf and branch accents as well.

jamie janett bodypainter paint on your face los angeles
Painting our the model in the hotel before the trade show. My assistant Nina uses an airbrush to stencil leaves & branches, and I'm painting the details with a brush

The plan I made to beforehand to help speed up the process. The whole design took a total of just 2 hours.

A reference sheet for the bodypainted design. It shows step by step the layers of the design from start to finish.

Check out more of my work at serving the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County areas. Call or text (213)280-7196 to book.

Thanks for reading!

Jamie Janett

Owner & Lead Artist

Paint On Your Face

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