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Countdown to Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos!

Halloween is in 3 weeks, and Day of the Dead is November 1st and 2nd!

I know not everyone is able to hire a facepainter for their costume, so I'll be sharing facepainting videos, photos, and tricks, so you can create looks for yourself and your kids at home.

Let's start off with some Day of the Dead, a.k.a Dia De Los Muertos design ideas!

These are some of the key features of a Sugar Skull makeup, the common name for the traditional Dia De Los Muertos makeup...

-white base, no base...get experimental with a colored base

-forehead centerpiece such as a rose, heart, web, or flower

-hollowed out eyes and nose of a skull

-dot embellishments around the eyes

-lips painted with skeleton teeth, stitches, and/or just lipstick!

Skull timelapse! Use a "kabuki brush" for fast full coverage, then finish the rest with sponges and brushes. Fun idea: jewels and gems to accent around the eyes!

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