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Event Discounts

Welcome to our new discounts offerings page!


Over the years we have gotten many inquires about discount rates for events. 

We are sensitive to these  requests, and understand that some organizations  and non-profits may benefit from receiving discounts due to lack of funding and other circumstances.

Here are some examples of events where we may give a discount:

  • public school event on a weekday funded by the PTA

  • a nighttime event for volunteers at a local roller rink

  • a small community store opening multiple locations booking 3 or more events

  • a non-profit who gives back to the community by throwing a local event

  • an early morning preschool event (non-birthday)

  • a special event with over 10,000 people  benefiting a great cause (facepainting setup will be in a high traffic area with a tip jar)

  • non-profits spreading awareness for youth arts programs, veganism/vegetarianism, animal rights, or nature conservancy

The following do not apply for a discount:

Corporate parties, company picnics, weekend birthday parties, Halloween weekend events.

Also please remember that cancelled events or date changes no not apply for a discount.


Other Discount Opportunities


If you would like a discounted rate, and your event doesn't require the super fancy artwork seen on our website, then we may have a Facepainter-in-Training or Balloon-Artist-in-Training available for you. These beginner to intermediate level artists do a great job, with a few less years of experience than our full time artists. Contact us for details.


Please note that during Halloween season and Holiday weekends, we are unable to offer any discounts.


Joining our Newsletter is great way to receive discounts throughout the year, directly to your email. Sign up here.


Paint On Your Face does not do events for free for many reasons, including the firm belief that artists need to be compensated for their work, to cover the time and energy they have invested into perfecting their craft. At the minimum, we require compensation for travel and materials, and your artist should be able to put out a tip jar to recover their costs.

Please understand that we can only give out a certain number of discounts per year. If your event does not qualify, or we've already reached our limit, we are very sorry.

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