• Jamie Graden

In October 2018 Paint On Your Face and Bright People Photobooth took a chance and embarked on a new journey...to get a vintage trailer, paint it, refurbish it, and turn it into a mobile photobooth.

Jamie has started painting the trailer and it's coming together as we speak!

More trailer progress coming soon!

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  • Jamie Graden

Halloween 2018 was filled with Day of the Dead costumes, facepainting, and our new photobooth!

This year I had the opportunity to paint with my good friend Carol of Fantastic Faces. at Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach, CA. It was constantly busy and it was a great way to decorate so many smiling faces!

This season, I was able to send out many talented artists and even trained a new one. If you were lucky enough to be painted by someone from our talented team, I'd love to hear about your experience!

Super detailed reptile mask painted by Gayle Yonezawa for the Ontario-Montclair School Employees Credit Union (below)

Awesome training session with artist Vivian (above)

Some of our gigs were at the Staples Center/LA Live for The Lakers, Halloween Parties for Adults and Kids, Country Clubs, Schools, Private Appointments and even a Coco movie showing at Placita Olvera.

Lakers airbrush tattoos by Doug and Eder (above)

I also had the pleasure of working with my friend Judith Bautista of Kahlovera and Lil Bitter Pixie Facepainting at Olvera St in DTLA. Judith organized a talented group of 10 artists as well as throughout SoCal at places like The Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Besides Facaepainting, Jason and I were excited to get the photobooth out there. We did a Luau Party, a Fall Harvest Festival, Haunted Hearts, and Focus OC plus some house parties with many more to come!

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We're also booking now for Holidays Facepainting and Balloons! Contact us to reserve your private or corporate event today.

Thanks for following us on our journey! The trailer is now at our mechanic's, being prepped for a complete remodel. Stay tuned for the next blog, coming soon

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  • Jamie Graden

Adventures await! Our trip to Grass Valley was a fun one, especially since we found our perfect trailer to convert into a mobile photobooth. This isn't just any trailer; this is a vintage 1984 fiberglass Burro trailer. They're hard to find!

After Burning Man this year we knew we had our work cut out for us. Over the summer I devised a business plan to expand Paint On Your Face into a Photobooth business as well. This won't be just any average photobooth. It's going to be mobile...and inside the trailer. Imagine that...

While we were in Grass Valley picking it up, we stopped to see our friend Dennis. Dennis is a rad fellow who constructed his own trailer from scratch, and it's called the Clean Carriage. It doubles as a mobile shop for Dennis's handmade soaps, and houses showers for folks at music festivals. He is pretty famous around these parts!

After visiting with Dennis we were ready for the trek down to Lake Tahoe with trailer in tow.

The Fall colors were so unbelievably beautiful in their rich hues of gold and green. It was a cloudy day and a few sprinkles even fell as we travelled down the 89 highway. We found a hidden spot with running water on the side of the road...

and of course we had to take some pics

And then it was back on the road again

We reached the Campground by the Lake for our one night stay. We officially learned how to back in the trailer...not an easy task. But we'll get used to it...hopefully

That night we realized Jason wouldn't fit in the trailer. At 6 ft 5 inches, his legs hung out the window!

We had a delicious dinner at Rivas Restaurant in Tahoe on our last night, and early the next morning we were on our way back to LA. We have a LOT of work to do. We took the scenic route home down the 395 passing by Mono Lake, a gorgeous sight

Lastly we stopped in Bishop at the famous Schatt's Bakery, a spot I remembered from way back as a kid

Thanks for following us on our journey! The trailer is now at our mechanic's, being prepped for a complete remodel. Stay tuned for the next blog, coming soon

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