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Our Clients


This is more than just your average facepainting. This is real art."

​Samantha McCaffrey, Executive Assistant

“I hired Jamie for our annual company picnic last year, and everyone is still talking about it. Photos of the adorably facepainted children still decorate our office. We can't wait to have her back."
Lynne Maywood, Office Manager
"Paint On Your Face provided us with 2 facepainters for a much anticipated event  that our company had been planning for a very long time. They exceeded our expectations and attracted hundreds of families to our booth. Our business gained access to a whole new market. We will definitely be using them for the next event."
Todd Nguyen, Special Event Manager
"I couldn't believe how fast Jamie wizzed through a line of 25 families...and the most amazing part is the quality of the art was not compromised. She excels in her craft and takes facepainting to the next level!"
Jeff Simmons, Marketing Specialist

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