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Since 2007, Paint On Your Face has graced almost 1,300 events all over Southern California! With clients ranging from families large and small, to corporate clients such as Target and the Lakers, to celebrity clients, our team is proud to offer our creative services to a diverse crowd, whether the event be private or public.

Q: When will you arrive for setup?

A:  Our artists, photobooth attendant, and dj/entertainer all arrive with plenty of time to get setup before showtime. As a general rule of thumb, facepainters and artists arrive 20 minutes before start time, photobooth attendants arrive 1 hour before start time, and entertainers arrive 45 minutes before start time.

Q: How do I book an event?

A: If you'd like to book an event with us, just follow these 3 steps....

1. Go to paintonyourface.com/book and fill out the Contact Form

2. Receive an email from us within 24 hours with instructions and a link to pay your deposit

3. Pay your deposit, and receive an email confirmation. 

You are all set! If you need any urgent help at all, just contact Jamie, the owner, on her cell at (213) 280-7196

Q: How much is the deposit?

A: The deposit for your event varies depending on which services you're booking, how long you are booking for, and/or how many artists you'd like to book. Generally it's approximately 20% of the invoice or between $50-$100 per artist 

Q: What is included with the Photobooth?

A: Our photobooth includes unlimited photo printouts, a friendly photobooth attendant who will do all the work for you, the best costume props, digital files emailed to you within 3 days after your event, and choice of graphic for the printouts.

Q: How much space does the Photobooth require?

A:The photobooth area requires 10 feet x 10 feet of space, and approximately 12 feet of overhead space for the backdrop. 

Q: What is included with the Facepainting?

A: Our face painting service includes a professional artist who will arrive 20 minutes early for setup. They will bring their table and professional makeup chair if needed, and all of their makeup supplies. 

Q: Will my Artist bring a display of designs?

A: Generally most of our artists do not bring a menu/display of designs, in order to allow more creativity. This usually means giving the kids a few options verbally and taking it from there. If there is a specific theme, or you'd like us to bring a menu, just let us know. Please note that there may be an extra charge for creating a physical menu with custom designs.

Q: What kind of products will the Artist use?

A: Our facepainters use FDA approved makeup that is specifically for facepainting and body art. We refrain from using acrylic paint, and "costume store makeup." Our artists use glitter that is cosmetic and safe for the skin

For more questions please fill out our Contact Form  and we'll email you back shortly